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Jason Babcock
New York
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Wearable Computing Solutions: [WCS]  2004 -> Present -- Freelance -- New York, NY

WCS is a consulting company specializing in the design and construction of lightweight computing systems for mobile and wearable applications. The services provided by WCS include website integration for mobile applications, circuit board and microcontroller prototyping, headgear fabrication, and the development of imaging software. Other services include the fabrication of plastic harnesses, connectors, and fixtures that allow off-the-shelf cameras to be integrated with mobile computers and laptops. Much of the work to date has centered on consulting and custom development of headgear and software for mobile eyetracking applications.

Honeybee Robotics: [honeybeerobotics.com]  Aug 2004 -> Jan 2005 -- Tech Dev -- New York, NY

Prepared technical documentation and graphics content for local (NYC) and NASA related project proposals. I was also responsible for general website maintenance, and assisted in writing copy for journal publications.

Iowa State Research Fellow: [Human-Computer Vision Lab]  Jun 2004 -> Aug 2004 -- Researcher -- Aims, IA

The Human Computer Vision Lab summer fellowship allowed me to do collaborative eye movement research in the human/computer interaction field. During the summer of 2004 I helped co-develop an open-hardware and open-software Linux-based eyetracking system. The system core was built on top of Intel's open-source computer vision library (OpenCV) and low cost, off-the-shelf, webcameras. Click here for more details:

Center for Imaging Science (RIT): [VPL]  2002 -> 2003 -- Scientist -- Rochester, NY

After completing my Master's Degree in Color Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), I was invited to stay on as a staff scientist for the Visual Perception Laboratory (VPL). During that time the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory awarded VPL with a grant to continue developing the next generation of wearable eyetrackers. My responsibilities included the design and fabrication of a new, lightweight, eyetracking headgear that could be constructed from off-the-shelf parts. I also co-authored a few publications on the development of custom eyetracking headgear.

Hewlett Packard: [Color Pipeline Team]  Jun 2001 -> Aug 2001 -- Intern -- Boise, Id

During the summer of 2001 I did research with Hewlett-Packard's Color Pipeline Team in Boise, Idaho. My principal duties included writing Matlab code to visualize errors resulting from gamut mapping algorithms in new color LaserJet printers. I also developed code in Matlab to perform colorimetric diagnostics on prints, and was exposed to the psychophysical methods used to derive image quality metrics. My experience at HP helped shape the direction of my RIT eyetracking thesis by getting me interested in how observers looked at images when they were instructed to make decisions about image quality.

Visual Perception Laboratory (RIT): [VPL]  1999 -> 2000 -- Researcher -- Rochester, NY

In 1999, as an undergraduate at RIT, I joined the Visual Perception Lab. I participated in designing and conducting eyetracking experiments to better understand visual perception and cognition in natural tasks. My first responsibilities included data collection and analysis. Eventually my background in imaging instrumentation led me to build early prototypes for portable eyetracking so that we could study eye movements under more natural situations (i.e. experiments happening outside of the laboratory).

BWC Imaging Labs: [www.bwc.net]  Summers 1997 & 98 -- Production Intern-- Dallas, TX

I helped implement Kodak's Photo CD workstation at BWC for full-time slide scanning production. Other responsibilities included outputting digital files to large format inkjet printers, color copiers, and dye sublimation printers. I also digitized images using drum scanners and worked with high-end film recorders for output.

Reilly Echols Printing:  Summers 1994 & 95 -- Production Intern-- Dallas, TX

This was my first exposure to digital technology in graphics and desktop publishing. I started out doing page layouts using Photoshop, Quark, and PageMaker. I also learned how to make negatives and plates, which eventually led me to operating a color AB Dick Duplicator press.

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Tisch School of the Arts Fellowship: New York University -- 2004 & 2005

Color Science Fellowship: Rochester Institute of Technology -- 2001 & 2002

Dr. Ronald Francis Scholarship: Rochester Institute of Technology-- 1996

NASA Zero Gravity Project: Johnson Space Center -- Houston, TX -- April 1997

I was one of four RIT students to fly aboard NASA's KC135a "Vomit Comet". My main contributions included proposal writing and helping to design and build highspeed instrumentation. This experiment used a high-speed (4000 frames/sec) imaging system to quantify fluid behavior of an exploding water balloon in zero-g. Our team spent 2 weeks at NASA's Johnson Space Center to train for our experiment. For more details click here:

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• Extensive programming for visual perception experiments, data analysis, and visualization of eye movement data
• C, C++, Objective C, Intel's OpenCV computer vision library, Java, Matlab, IDL
• Experience with NetMedia BX-24 and Parallax Basic Stamp, and PIC microcontrollers
• Multimedia Scripting: HTML/XHMTL, XML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Lingo (Macromedia Director)
• Mac Programming IDE: Xcode, Interface Builder
• Java IDE: Eclipse

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• Experience with Mac OS X (& OS 9), Linux/Unix, Windows XP
• 8 years of Adobe Photoshop experience
• Quark Express, Adobe PageMaker
• Macromedia Director MX, Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX
• Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere

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• Extensive experience in designing, testing, fabricating and programming various imaging devices including linear-strip imaging systems, eyetracking systems, user kiosks, multimedia instillations, and art exhibits.
• Skilled at soldering, circuit construction, and modifying off-the-shelf electronics for special purposes.
• Knowledgeable with materials and tools for casting, mold making, sculpting, plastics, and metalwork.

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New York University: New York, NY
Major: Interactive Telecommunications Program
Degree: M.P.S. received May 2005

Rochester Institute Of Technology: Rochester, NY
Major: Color Science
Degree: M.S. received October 2002

Rochester Institute Of Technology: Rochester, NY
Major: Imaging and Photographic Technology
Degree: B.S. received May 2000

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